How to easy convert value and show at overview

Hi all,

First, I am a complete beginner at Home Assistant.

I have a value from a sensor which is not good to read. E.g.: 0,562
So I want to multiply it with 1000 and want to exclude the decimal places. Rounding is not necesarry but could be possible too.
So the example from above should be shown as 562.
My target is to show it on the main overview page and also as a graph/chart.

So my trys and thinkings are about the following, but I dont know if this could be possible:

Create a helper which can added to the overview page
A script in a automation, triggerd from the device (newest value) does the calculation and saving it to the helper.

So is this possible? Or how could it be possible.
Important hint: I do not have the supervisor and addon funktion (just core installation) so edit the YAML files with the official file manager addon would not be possible?

Thanks for your help.

best regards

None of that is required. You can use a Template sensor

Or if the integration you are using supports a value_template the adjustments can be made in the integration configuration. For example:

value_template: "{{ ( value * 1000 ) | round(0) }}"

Thanks for your answer.

Well as I said I am a complete beginner. Where do I paste the code?
As the manual describes it is all about the configuration.yaml. But I can’t use it with core installation, can’t I?

The integration is Zwave. How could I find out if it does it?

You define Template Sensors (and many other things) here:

What is the entity_id of the sensor whose value you want to display differently?

I already tested successfully the following line at the developer tools:


so the sensor is: sensor.eurotronic_air_quality_sensor_volatile_organic_compound_level

But the important question is, how to edit the configuration.yaml (correctly).
According to the manual the file has to be at this location

If you use Home Assistant Core, you can find configuration.yaml in the config folder passed to the hass command (default is ~/.homeasssistant).

But at my system this folder is empty?

Then you are looking in the wrong place. Home Assistant requires this file to store, at the very least, basic information in order to run properly.

That folder is a hidden folder (denoted by it starting with a dot) so you have to show hidden files in your file explorer.