How to edit Blueprints

I am pretty sure there has to be a simple way to do this but I was not yet able to. I am starting to play with blueprints (awesome feature!!) but I am not able to add custom new ones or edit existing ones.

I can add a blueprint via the UI and a link. If I just put a yaml file into the /config/blueprints/ folder and reload Home Assistant they don’t show up in the UI. The one I added via the UI also does not show up in this folder.

What is the proper way to edit downloaded blueprints and add custom new ones? Thanks in advance

if you are writing them direct as yaml I guess they need to be in the directory:


such as:


(which are the out of the box examples)

Unfortunately that is exactly what I was trying. I created a blueprints/automation/custom/cover_control.yaml file with a valid plueprint definition -> not showing up in Home Assistant.
I added a blueprint via the UI -> not seeing the file in the folder. What am I missing here? The logs are empty, no errors

do the two system ones show?
are the rw permissions of the new ones (and the directory) the same as the system ones?

After you added the blueprint file to the directory did you execute Reload Automations?

Thank you very much for the help. I recently moved the data for HomeAssistant and forgot to update the samba share. I was still seeing the old copy of the data. Now everything works fine

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