How to edit esphome configuration

Hi, it is probably a stupid question but I don’t know how to edit esphome configuration. On the configuration option I only have the network settings, not the text file… I want to add the ping option “status_use_ping”: true but don’t know where.

Just edit the yaml file with an editor, or use the esphome gui - click “edit”

On the esphome gui I can only edit my device (water meter). I can’t find the edit button for the general configuration.

I believe you’ve run into the same bug outlined in this issue. I have the exact same issue.

Thanks, so I was not stupid :grin: Let’s wait for the fix now.

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Sorry I misunderstood your question. You mean you cannot change the addon config, got you.

No idea when that disappeared!

Can’t you configure that in the addon itself? The screen shot is not the addon itself. That would be in supervisor addon.

It seems to be there for me (it’s a tick-box). Are you running the latest version of the ESPhome add-on (1.16.2)

I don’t have this tick box, it starts by the network configuration. It is for sure a bug.

Same here.The configuration panel is missing. 16.2, but was the same on 16.1

Try to delete the cache of browser and/or use other browser. I sometime “miss” things on mobile, try computer…

New release solved the problem.

So I guess you weren’t on the latest when I posted this:

Finally working for me as well. I upgraded the Supervisor version to today’s release. Prior to today, the ESPHome Configuration menu was not available on freshly installed Hass OS systems.

It wasn’t the new version of esphome, it was either

  1. the new version of supervisor
  2. the new version of HA; or
  3. the new frontend that accompanied the new version of HA

I upgraded just the Supervisor today, and the Configuration menu started working.

I then upgraded to the new version of HA, and everything continued to work.

Yeah, since the OP didn’t specify what they were running who knows. But mine screenshot was from HA Core 2021.02.3 and Supervisor 2021.03.3 so I guess they had something older than that…

I suspect from what @ogiewon said, it was fixed by the supervisor update.

But that’s still kinda old… At least a week anyway.

Mine only updated to supervisor 2021.3.03 today, perhaps you are on beta?