How to edit the configuration of a device

I have a device (TPlink Tapo P110 smart socket) and I need change its IP address. There doesn’t seem to be any way to do that from the Integrations or devices pages in the UI. Is there a file I can edit instead? I have the VSCode plugin but I cannot find the file I need to edit.
Thanks :⁠-⁠)

Are you wanting to change the IP address for the plug, or has it changed and you want to update it to the new value?

If it’s the former, you would do this on your DHCP server (probably your modem/router) to reserve a static address for it. However, it might not get this address until the DHCP lease time on the old address expires (probably 24h).

If it’s the latter, have you ensured it gets a static address as mentioned above? I’ve seen some reports of TP-link products getting a different address despite this, so the problem might occur again. Regardless, you should be able to delete the current integration and add it back with the same name - as long as it has the same entity_id it should keep all the history.

Is it normal that when deleting an integration and adding it back that it retains the same entity_id? Intuition would have me think no but is there some way to ensure this?

As long as the previous entity is gone, yes. Sometimes a restart is required to get rid of it - and even then it sometimes gets “restored=true” in Dev Tools. In these cases I then delete it in Dev Tools to be sure. But even if it does (for example) get a “_2” tacked onto the end, you should be able to rename it to what it was, after ensuring nothing with the same name already exists.

I moved the device from one LAN to another so the IP address changed. There is no possibility of the device retaining the same IP address.

To me, removing and re-adding - hoping the device gets the same ID, seems fragile. I had hoped to just edit the IP, either in the UI or in a config file, and restart HA.

It seems that some Integrations have a UI which allows a change of IP address (TPlink Tapo cameras) but other Integrations do not (TPlink Tapo smart switch).

Thanks for the help. The next time I’m close to the device I’ll try the remove and re-add.

Sorry – it just took time, and the third entity appeared.

Is it sill not possible to chane an IP address?
In any config file?