How to enable changing of Entity ID in the UI with new 0.75 release?

From the blog post we should be able to rename entity ID inside the UI (see below). How do we enable this? I’ve updated and can still only change the Name in the UI, entity ID as shown in the blog post is not available to me. It mentions a requirement that a unique ID for each entity, how do we set that up?

That depends on the component you’re using.
Some supply a unique ID (Tradfri, esphomelib for example), some not.

try clearing your cache - ctrl-f5 in most browsers.

that seemed to do the trick, thanks!

I still can’t figure out how do I get to that dialog

Click on the entity in the frontend. A dialog pops up. It has a settings icon in the top right. Click it.

If necessary ctrl-f5 to clear the browser cache.

If I do this, should I remade all of my automation or the new name will be placed there automatically?

You’d have to update any automations, scripts, or anywhere else you use the entity.

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I don’t have the settings icon, maybe I am miissing something very simple …? HAssio 0.77.2

Well it depends on the component. Some can be changed, some can’t. In other words, you have not given enough info.

zwave. I finally managed to see them, problem is that each node has 7+ entity_id and you need to go through each one (had to put them into a group to make them visible in front-end)