How to Enable LED Activation for TTS and Music on Wyoming-satellite

Hi everyone,

I am currently setting up a smart speaker named Wyoming-satellite following the instructions from this GitHub repository and upgrading it according to these enhancements. The setup is working relatively well with my hardware, which consists of a Raspberry Pi 2W and a 2 mics HAT.

However, I am encountering an issue where the LED does not activate when TTS (Text-to-Speech) and Music are running. I would like to set up the LED to be activated during TTS and Music playback, but I am unsure how to achieve this.

Has anyone faced a similar issue or have any suggestions on how to resolve this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Are you talking about the led’s on the 2 mic hat?
Can you post your enhanced-wyoming-satellite.service config?

Thanks for your answer, my config is simple and similar to the guide from FutureProofHomes.

Description=Wyoming Satellite

–name ‘Living Room Speaker’
–uri ‘tcp://’
–mic-command ‘parecord --property=media.role=phone --rate=16000 --channels=1 --format=s16le --raw --latency-msec 10’
–snd-command ‘paplay --property=media.role=announce --rate=44100 --channels=1 --format=s16le --raw --latency-msec 10’
–snd-command-rate 44100
–snd-volume-multiplier 0.1
–detection-command ‘/home/pi/wyoming-enhancements/snapcast/scripts/’
–tts-stop-command ‘/home/pi/wyoming-enhancements/snapcast/scripts/’
–mic-auto-gain 7
–mic-noise-suppression 3
–wake-uri ‘tcp://’
–vad-trigger-level 2
–vad-threshold 0.9
–wake-word-name ‘ok_nabu’
–awake-wav sounds/awake.wav
–done-wav sounds/done.wav
–event-uri ‘tcp://’



Im not seeing anything that stands out as an issue. You are missing your trailing \ on each line. I also think your trigger level and threshold belong in the Wyoming Wake Word service, not in the satellite service. What is happening Exactly? I know the lights on the 2 mic hat do not engage during TTS playback. As far as music, they do not light up during music but should when you activate the voice assistant if music is playing.
The satellite will also perform better if you rearrange the commands a bit. You may want to add the error command I have in mine also. If the satellite error’s, it will turn the volume back to normal. Here is mine for reference:

ExecStart=/home/sparesatellite2/wyoming-satellite/script/run \
    --name 'Richs Office Satellite' \
    --uri 'tcp://' \
    --mic-auto-gain 5 \
    --mic-noise-suppression 2 \
    --mic-command 'parecord --property=media.role=phone --rate=16000 --channels=1 --format=s16le --raw --latency-msec 1>    --snd-command-rate 44100 \
    --snd-volume-multiplier 0.1 \
    --snd-command 'paplay --property=media.role=announce --rate=44100 --channels=1 --format=s16le --raw --latency-msec >    --wake-uri 'tcp://' \
    --wake-word-name 'dimerzel' \
    --detection-command '/home/sparesatellite2/wyoming-enhancements/snapcast/scripts/' \
    --tts-stop-command '/home/sparesatellite2/wyoming-enhancements/snapcast/scripts/' \
    --error-command '/home/sparesatellite2/wyoming-enhancements/snapcast/scripts/' \
    --awake-wav sounds/awake.wav \
    --done-wav sounds/done.wav \
    --timer-finished-wav sounds/timer_finished.wav \
    --timer-finished-wav-repeat 3 1 \
    --timer-finished-command '/home/sparesatellite2/wyoming-enhancements/snapcast/scripts/' \
    --event-uri 'tcp://'


Thank you for your response and your config help me a lot.

You are correct; with the default configuration, the LEDs do not light up during TTS or music playback

What I want to achieve is to make the setup more dynamic by having the LEDs light up (possibly with a blinking effect) when TTS is active. Similarly, I want the LEDs to light up when music is playing.

However, I am unsure what adjustments need to be made to accomplish this.