How to enable node-red projects github (git) integration

Folks, anyone know how I can get “projects” enabled on the standard home-assistant raspberry pi distribution?

My “expertise” is limited to raspbian desktop (GUI) so I am very limited on linux and don’t know on the home assistant pi os how to get to a command prompt, edit a settings file directly perhaps, etc.

If you can instruct me on a GUI way of setting this up it would likely be the shortest path to my success but any guidance would be appreciated.

I got this working by adding and enabling SAMBA share in Home Assistant Add Ons,
I then turned it on and from my windows PC I edited \myHA_IP-ADDRESS\config\joed-red\settings.js

settings “enabled” from false to true in the projects section here:

  // Customising the editor
  editorTheme: {
    projects: {
      // To enable the Projects feature, set this value to true
      enabled: true,
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