How to enable old configuration menu in HA 2021.12? Or at least add configuration serach on companion app

I totally understand that new style of configuration menu looks better. But I prefer usability over looks.
How to enable old configuration menu style?
Right now it looks like Android settings menu, but Android settings menu have “Search” functionality, so you don’t need to memorize paths to all useful features. But HA new configuration menu on mobile phone does not have search functionality (only in desktop version you can type “c” for this) which makes my brain hurt, when I need to find anything. Also it uses a lot more clicks/taps.

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This triggers the quick bar which can also be accessed in the android app by using the 3 finger swipe down gesture

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…if you don’t have anything else already binded to this gesture in your Android phone. For example in OnePlus this gesture is for screenshot.

Also, typing something on PC and on smartphone — to different usability levels.

Not just OnePlus btw…
3 finger swipe (down) is a common gesture used by android OS
Would’ve been happy with a 3 finger swipe in any direction tbh… Then at least we’d have a way to it

Depending on your phones integration you could make the gesture twice in rapid succession. This (used to, for me) take the screenshot first, then opens the menu the second time around (as the screenshot gesture used to not be captured by the OS while there’s still a preview active)

The OS is not using it. Just One plus and maybe another manufacturer but it’s not used by others. Stock Android does not have that gesture reserved.

Maybe not in stock, but several popular manufacturers support it (a quick Google search for “3 finger swipe screenshot” shows articles for Samsung, Motorola, OnePlus, Vivo, OPPO, …)