How to enter manual network settings for multiple adaptors in the CONFIG usb?

Hey guys,

I know the procedure on how to create the usb stick and import the network settings.

What i cannot find in the documentation is how to set the details for different adaptors.
I want to set the ethernet settings and two different Wifi settings, one as main one as backup.

I could do this back before hassio by including three files, one for each setting.
How do i do it now? Should i create three my_network files and import them through the USB?

Thanks in advance

Since you have not told us enough details, I will guess.

My first guess is you are running the Hassio HassOs mage on some sort of Raspberry Pi.

Since HassOs is a slimmed down OS I would guess it does not have the drivers & capabilities to support & prioritize multiple network interfaces like you wish to do.

Since I have just been guessing, I cannot begin to hazard a guess at a workable solution.

Sorry for not clarifying, im on an RPi3b+ using the latest image of (HassOS 2.11)
I have ethernet connected on it but would like it to have the wifis as backup.
I tried with three different files in the usb stick (my_network_1, 2 and 3) but it didnt work :slight_smile:

I would be surprised if HassOs has those capabilities. If you install on Raspbian Lite you may be able to find useful information by either looking for Raspbian or Debian or Ubuntu,