HOW To Execute Commands

Hi I am very new to home assistant and programming and stuff in general I wanted to run a
npm install -g homebridge-magichome-dynamic-platform
To integrate my led strips but me being a noob, I don’t know where to executive the command I hope you guys can help me

Please, please give the FAQ a read.
Think of Home Assistant more like an application.
While it has limited support to run commands (mostly for scripting), this is not what you want.
Since you neither specified how you’ve installed Home Assistant nor what you are trying to do, I’ll have to guess.

Homebridge is basically a proxy for your apple devices to talk to. It will translate the messages from Homekit to devices that don’t officially support Homekit.
Since Home Assistant has a HomeKit integration there is usually no need to set it up.
Also, since you’ve only posted the command to install a npm package (this would install an addon to an already running Homebridge server) I guess you don’t run homebridge.

Try using the Flux LED/MagicLight integration.
If the respond times are too long or you experience other issues, consider re-flashing the devices with ESPHome

Have a look at the documentation and the available integrations when you want to bring in new devices.