How to execute script in ios 14 widget?


it seems that we can only use scene in widget of ios14.
I would like to exucte a script, is there a way to do that ?


nobody have an idea ?

I have the same issue. I have a bunch of scripts that run REST calls. Only Scenes can be exposed via the Widgets and those apparently can’t call scripts. Any Plans to make scripts available via the Widgets?

There is currently no automatic way to create actions from scripts. Given scripts often have input requirements, it feels to me like it’s not possible to universally allow them in. You can create an action and an automation to execute the script using normal actions.

Thanks! Will try that!

You can do it if you use “Call Service” in HomeAssistant’s shortcuts and write → script.

when you are writing “script.” you’ll see the list of all of your scripts that you have been created in HA.

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