How to expand File system Hassio


someone can help me to know how can I expand the file system to the hole space of my micro-sd card. it is of 16gb and the partition of hassio only is using something like 2gb. I try installing the ssh add-on server and put the comand: sudo raspi-config but it says: -bash: sudo: command not found.

There is more than one partition on the SD card.

The Hassio file system expands automatically to use all of the available disk space. Try adding this sensor:

Tanks it says that I´m using 13%, i think that these was the problem because every time that hassio make an update it died, and i have to reintall it so i think it clould be that the partition wasn´t so big to have the update and the system

I doubt that was the case if you are only using 13% of the available space.

Pay special attention to the breaking changes announced with each new release.