How to expand / resize disk space for HAOS vm on Proxmox?

I installed HA OS as a VM on Proxmox 7.3. The hardware is a mini-PC which has 500GB SSD.

I installed using @tteck Proxmox Helper script.

It’s been running fine, performance is good.

But, I realized the disk size is quite small, 32GB. As you can see below.

I want to increase that to 200GB, to utilize this mini-PC SSD.

How do I do that? Anyone has a guide / steps to follow?


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Not running Proxmox myself, but my installation is running on ESXi. I expanded my storage simply by shutting down the virtual machine, increased the size of the virtual disk and then started it back up, Home Assistant automatically claimed the extra space I had given it. 4GB RAM should be more than enough to run this, unless you use a a large amount of add-ons. 200GB is a bit oversized in my opinion, if you do backups outside the virtual machine 50 GB should be enough.

Thanks, I will try this this weekend, hopefully no issue. So basically:

  • Shutdown HA vm
  • Resize the disk via Proxmox gui as shown in the YouTube video
  • Start HA vm
  • Check the HA Settings → System → Storage, and see if the GB free is increased

@fleskefjes yeah, I agree, 200 GB might be too much. I will change from 32GB to 64GB :smiley: The SSD size is 500GB, don’t what to do with those lol.

I do backup to Google Drive.


Hello, I’m planning to do the same thing and I just wondering if you had any problems ?

No, not at all.

Here what I did:

  • make home assistant backup (optional, but important and recommended)
  • shutdown home assistant
  • resize the disk as instructed in the youtube video
  • start home assistant

That’s it.

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I did exactly the same in homeassistant still see the previous size.
The debian VM had 16GB and now sized to 70GB

This are the drives in debian after resizing.
Do you know what can be the cause?

No idea, unfortunately my Linux/Proxmox knowledge is pretty limited.

Just chiming in that I used the Promox GUI to resize the disk and it worked perfectly.
I’m running a Linux VM on Promox 7.4-3.

The resize option adds additional space, so entering 30gb will enlarge current size by 30gb.
After resizing and booting for the first time, the HA VM automatically enlarged itself to the new disk size.

Very easy, no Gparted needed.

If you’re out of space and can’t enlarge the drive, take a look at your backups, HA keeps most old backups and they can take a lot of space. I just keep the last 2 backups.

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Worked perfectly for me. From 32Gb to 44Gb.

I switched from Sqlite (standard db) to Mariadb/MySql to store 40 days of history (default = 10 days).
I was getting notifications free diskspace was below 1Gb. So i had to expand the disk.
Daily backup size grow from 750mb to 2.6Gb, was keeping 5 backups on HA, now 3 and 25 on NAS-storage via Samba-backup Add-On. Just to be save (and because i have lots of NAS diskspace)

I also installed HA on Proxmox through @tteck Proxmox Helper script .
I am running Proxmox 8.0.4 and HA Home Assistant 2023.10.3, Supervisor 2023.10.0, Operating System 11.0

Thxs for the tip @HA_n00b

This worked perfectly for me.

Checked the disc-size in Glances.

OMG That video was painful. This is like getting directions for a place, and constantly being told what NOT to look out for.

An old thread I know, however my 10 cents worth as I’m actually looking to restore HA onto a smaller partition, possibly 20Gb max. I’m not running nginx, influxdb, mosquito, etc in their own separate containers, makes life a lot simpler. With backups going to cloud, I only need keep 1 copy on the HA instance.

I’ll likely just spin up another instance of HA and install it there, but it makes sense to separate it all out if using proxmox. Perhaps concentrate more on setting up 3 proxmox servers with HA and ceph for storage.