How to expose Apple Homekit Devices externally?

Hey all,

I have setup HASS Bridge for Home Kit. So now I can hey Siri from my phone and my watch for all devices in the house which is way more convenient than yelling out to nearest Google Speaker. However I can’t use the Hey Siri function or use Home Kit app from outside the house, only on Wifi. I see that normally this is done via a controller which can be a homepod or Apple TV. Is there anyway to get Homeassistant to do this? If not can I use an iPhone to be a bridge? I have a spare one doing nothing and can leave it in a cupboard somewhere doing that if need be.

Sorry, you need an AppleTV or HomePod. You used to be able to do it with an iPad but they removed that feature.

Damn. Well guess I need to buy one of those now. Thanks anyway.