How to expose pico remote on Radiora2

Anyone know an way to expose pico remote as an switch or sensor in HA with RadioRa2? I meant just running with the main repeater no connection bridge.

I can see the pico remote event in HA, and can get the lutron ID from lutron software why can’t HA lutron core intergation not exposing the pico as an device entity?

Is this RadioRA2 or RA2 Select?
Also what version of HA?
As it stands, Pico remotes are supported on RA2 Select, but not RadioRA2, as far as I am aware

RadioRA2 essential. yes currently is not supported the core intergation. But it can be expose via telnet with just the main repeater. The dev over in Hubitiat done it with their intergation. Unfortunately my coding is just not that advanced to understand how it works. As of now I know the current code can pick up pico’s button transmission.

I read somewhere forks here in HA also got it exposed back in 2019 but don’t know what happened to it as the code never go update. If anyone here still remember how they done it please let me know. I really want to get my pico working with HA.

Jonathan T via mobile

There are 2 issues. There is no coded support in HA. And there is no coded support in pylutron, the dependency that the HA code is built upon.

Here is the dependency code, if you can modify it to support the pico, adding support to HA should be far easier

Just want get back and let you guy know. Pico remote is supported in radiora2 via pylutron in the core integration. The official website description just didn’t mention it which it should btw as pico devices is a must get for radiora2 or any lutron hub. Once pico is activate in lutron. HA will port each of the pico’s button as an scene. Monitor those scene via automation with event trigger (lutron_event) or node red (event node).

Note when activating the pico on main repeater just complete the device activation with no action. (i.e don’t tie into any actual Lutron device this way you can use it as you wish in HA). HA will than port each button over as a scene even when is blank.

Automation ex.

node red ex.

Hint: The name of the scene ported over to HA is also the “id” for each individual button. i.e scene with name “Pico Remote Family: button 4”. The id for that button to monitor is pico_remote_family_button_4