How to extend bluetooth range since HA update?

I’ve seen big changes have been made to bluetooth, so I’ve started a new project. I have bluetooth configured on my raspberry pi 4 and the xiaomi ble integration setup for Mi Flower devices. However due to where my RPI4 is located, the bluetooth range can’t pick up all the mi flower sensors. So I’d like to create a bluetooth mesh around the house to improve range. Apologies if that isn’t the correct terminology.

I’ve seen ESP32 devices can do this. How do I make this happen please? I can’t seem to find any tutorials online to make a BLE mesh system, I can only find when people want to use them for specific projects e.g. room assistant.

Thank you

I just bought a few of the ESP32 to do the same. My plan is to flash them with ESPHome and use room assistant to integrate them into HA.

Try bluetooth on Tasmota on ESP32.

You may or may not need to compile the bin file yourself. Don’t let that put you off. A rewarding new learning experience.

I recommend an ESP32 with IPX to SMA connector with antenna for much better coverage.

Bluetooth is not a mesh protocol, unlike Zigbee or Zwave.

That being said, HA has it in the works to be able to expand the bluetooth coverage using ESP32 devices, but it’s not going to be ready for another release or two. I believe this was talked about during the last Release Party youtube video.