How to extend the deep sleep period in case WLAN not available

Dear all,

Since I turn off my WIFI according to a schedule I would like increase also the deep sleep time in case.

I read that if no wifi or mqtt ESPHome restarts , but I would like to know when , or in which order.

I am completely new to esphome but so far I managed to use my boards with wifi, mqtt ds18b20 (12 sensors) .

I would like to increase the deep sleep time in case wifi is not available.
I managed normal deep sleep to get working.

thank you very much in advance

edited the topic and text to make it more clear…

There’s the wifi.connected condition you can use in an on_boot automation (add a delay first, so that the device has a chance to connect) to go back to sleep if it can’t connect.


thank you , after some time I found that out .

I could also “on connect” change the long deep sleep to a shorter one in a variable.

thank you again!