How to extract current condition from deafult weather integration

Hi I am trying to create a custom template chip that will be showing current condition (cloudy, rainy etc) and current temperature based on data in default weather.forecast_home (integration

Problem is, I don’t know how to extract current condition, I am only able to extract condition from forecast.

I am using this template code

{{ state_attr('weather.forecast_home', 'forecast')[0].condition }}
{{ state_attr('weather.forecast_home', 'temperature') }} °C

I am reading curent temperature, but forecast condition.
If I put side by side weather chip card and mine custom template chip card I am getting different results.
Screenshot 2023-03-26 at 17.32.12

How can I access current conditon and not forecast condition?

As usuall, as soon as I asked the question, solution came to my mind, tried it and it worked

this is reading current condition

{{ states('weather.forecast_home') }}
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