How to fake a climate entity/manually set up nice looking air con controller dashboard

Hey guys

So I have a dumb split system air con that I wanted to make smart, so I made an ESPHome device that can handle automating it. However, I now have a helper for the power, speed, mode and temperature of the air con.

I want to set up some kind of nice looking controls for my air con - something nice that looks connected, kind of like how the mushroom/tile/minimalist have cards that work nicely together. At the moment since everything is a helper, the default that HA is doing is putting them into an entities card, which doesn’t look great.

However, the issue since these are just helpers, there’s no climate entity that I can use for these. I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to either “fake” a climate entity by providing it with helpers, or if there was a way to manually set up some cards to make it look like an existing air con controller.

Happy to provide more info if needed :slight_smile:

Thanks in advanced

You can also do this in ESPHome.

So I don’t think this is quite what I’m after - it seems like the thermostats there need a sensor for the room temp and then will automatically turn on either the heating or cooling to get the room to that temp?

I’m looking for a way to control my split system manually and change the settings manually, not to have the air con turn on and off manually if that makes sense?

Then you are not going to be able to use a climate entity. That is what they do.

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This may help.

After a few days of playing around to get it working, I think this might be able to do it. Thanks for the suggestion