How to finally remove zigbee2mqtt

so, kinda unusual problem…
my instalation: hassOS 2.12 with HomeAssistant 0.95.4 on RPi3. yep, I know, there’s newer version, I’ll update right after I clean some climate-related yaml :slight_smile: anyway…
I want to make a clean zigbee2mqtt install + configuration. so I deleted all zigbee2mqtt related entities from the register available in configuration page and also removed the zigbee2mqtt addon, made sure that there’s no /share/zigbee2mqtt folder. in configuration/integrations I removed the MQTT integration [saw my zigbee2mqtt entities there] - just as the prompt said to do [as removing from entity registry isn’t enough]. so far, so good. rebooted my Pi and… WTH? entities and integration is back. tried few times, with no luck.

how can I rid of them finally, so I can try with blank slate? why they are coming back?

This should work. It’s from z2m wiki. (


Allows you to remove devices from the network. Payload should be the friendly_name , e.g. 0x00158d0001b79111 . On successful remove a device_removed message is send.

Hope it’s of help

hm, ok, so if I understood correctly - removing addon/integration/entities won’t work if there are still “ghost messages” in the MQTT network, right? I saw that z2m wiki info, but never thought that it’s needed even after uninstall… especially that this MQTT topic from wiki implies, that z2b bridge is still online - and I even did removed it physically from my Pi :wink:

so, inspired by your answer, I went a little bit deeper now, installed MQTT Explorer, checked the topics and indeed, some ghost-entries still were floating. removed whole topics, all that even slighly mentioned z2b and so far so good. looks like my config is empty. now I’ll try to rebuild this.