How to find an entity for a jammed lock?

I have a question about finding the entity or alert from a jammed zwave lock. I want to get an alert if my lock doesn’t successfully close but I cannot track down the right entity and I’m not sure how to find a list of potential states for that entity.

Below is what I assume is being triggered from my logbook:

Here is what I assume is the entitiy?

Honestly I’ve not found a great way of finding an entity and then figuring out what the possible states of the entity are, so if you also have some general advice on that I’d love to hear it. (For instance, I want to set up an alert that tells me when the front door lock is low on batteries, but I can’t trigger that manually, so how would you go about figuring out the potential states for the entity?)

From the provided screenshot you have a binary sensor called


The current state is off… what I’m guessing is that if the door lock is jammed that binary sensor would turn to On (tell you that the door lock is jammed).

What integration do you use to link your smart lock to HA? If you go to settings then devices and click on the integration providing the connection to HA (assuming you integrate it via the integration page and not via YAML) you would get all the entities for that specific device.

Like this:

Screen Shot 2023-05-14 at 7.17.31 PM