How to find out the commands for a device and how to send them?

I have bought a Tasmota Lamp on Aliexpress, set up Home-assistant, installed Moqitto for MQTT.

And when I set it to listen I sometimes receive messages from the lamp. So I assume the device can communicate with home assistant/mqtt.

But trying to control the lamp just fails entirely.
I copied all variants of “topics” I could find for the device and send
Power0 0
Power Off

in all imaginable permutations but it does not react to anything.
Is there any way to find the command list for that device or is it just garbage since it came without instructions?

I assumed this would work;

See if the Tasmota Integration has what you need:
Tasmota - Home Assistant (

That went surprisingly smooth.
It detected the lamp and from what I can see immediately I now have control over at least on/off and dimming via Home Assistant.

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