How to find out what to send when you can only transmit on RFX433

Complicated question perhaps but I have a RFX433E and according to the documentation I should be able to transmit commands to my Wave Design hood. However i’m wondering how I can find out what the commands are that I can send when i’m not able to receive any information from the remote-control.

Any suggestion would be very welcome.

Wave Design hood? You tried google searching that? I understand Wave is a brand but, which hood? I dont see a “design hood” so, you might want to be more specific or just provide a product link so that people trying to help you dont have to spend their time google searching and looking for your device trying to figure out which product your referring to exactly and where to find the specifications or user manual. Helps us help you!

So, how are you attempting to receive information/commands to start with? What have you already tried?

Have you read through that .pdf manual? Have you used the RFXmgr program to enable what it can receive? Have you configured any devices in HA like the documentation tells you to do?