How to find out what's taking space


I am running Hassio in on a VM, and currently the image has 70 GB space. And 60 GB is already being taken by my whole HA installation. But I cannot find out what’s taking the space. I installed portrainer and ran cd / && du -hs * | sort -h to get the space taken by the containers, and by this method, I only got to something like 40GB (20 GB taken by DB, 2 GB by config, then couple of GB taken by various addons and stuff).

Is there a better way to find out what’s there? How do people solve this issue? I just keep expanding the disk.

Well, answering for myself. Instead of figuring out how to hack into the host os, I was able to simply shutdown the virtual machine (I am running in QEMU), mount the disk, and run the du -hs * for myself…

I found out it was this: Purge failed backup temporary files - #7 by kotrfa