How to find out, whether device is dead or not?

Hello everybody,

I had an Aqara Sensor added to my system and together with two other sensors of the same kind, it was working flawlessly for round about 2 month now. A couple of days ago, I’ve realized that the sensor is no longer present and cannot be added anymore. I started everything from scratch, I’ve updated to the newest z2m version (1.17.0), updated all other components (like Supervisor, HA, …). But I’m not successful.

When I try to pair the sensor, it starts blinking, but in the z2m log (debug) nothing is to be seen. I’ve switched the batteries from one Aqara to the other, but the suspicious device seems to be dead.

Is there any idea, what else I could do?

Th sensor is relatively new, maybe ~8 weeks. But I don’t know, whether it sends a signal or not. It would be nice to know, where I could see, whether the coordinator is receiving something or not.

I’ve enabled the herdsman log (debug), I’ve enabled the mosquitto broker log, but each time I try to pair the device, all logs remain calm, although the sensor is wildly blinking.

Thanks for any ideas.

No ideas? Does somebody know, what component is first getting into contact with the signal a sensor sends? Is zigbee2mqtt the application processing the signals of the coordinator or is there another layer in between?

A friendly user in the z2m github forum pointed me to a solution:

I stopped z2m, then the whole HA, removed the stick, waited round about one minute, plugged in the stick, restarted everything and … it worked.

I still don’t know, where the signal is processed, but at least my sensor is working again.