How to find/solve this template error

having fixed almost all user errors, my HA log is cleaning up nicely :wink:
still, and even with the improved logging of templates I see this in my log regularly:

Ive already set logger to debug on the helpers.condition, but the error stays as useless as it is.

In my logbook, nothing happens at that time:

so I am rather clueless what to do/where to go and find the issue…other than it being a template condition, in any of the automations and scripts I have running.

Anyone with the golden suggestion?
thanks for having a look.

Do you use fold-entity-row?

I seem to remember getting an error like this when I had an item in a group_config: that was not applicable to one of the folded entity types. Like trying to apply state_color to an input_datetime.

Look through all automations with template conditions that use trigger.entity_id or some derivation of that; trigger.bunch_of_crap.entity_id

yes I do, plenty… will check for oddities, thanks

a yes, feared as much.