How to find the BP I'm looking for?

Yes, BP can be tagged, but as there are no rules or particular guidelines as to how BP should be tagged (as far as I could see), it’s basically up to each contributor to create tags. Already - only a few days after the launch of the BP feature, we are quickly approaching hundreds of blueprints.
How do I find the one I’m looking for? After a year or two, there will probably be thousands of BP posted, and with no organizing rules, it will eventually be chaos.
I was looking for “the best” way to use the IKEA 5-button device, and I found lots of BP claiming to do just that. How do I choose? Do I have to test all of them? How about a way to let users vote (stars) for BP that actually works, and are good? I guess in another month or so, there will be 450 or more IKEA 5-button BP posted!
How are obsolete BP being purged from the list when they no longer work because i.e. sensors they depend on has been deleted, etc.?

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I’ve been adding relevant tags to threads that are lacking them, and have just added a note in the sticky topic too. Some type of voting/rating system will probably be added in the near future.

It’s logistically impossible for us to test (and then re-test) every blueprint posted because most of them require certain integrations or specific devices. And often these devices are region-specific or have multiple revisions which complicates testing even further.

So it’s going to be largely up to the community to report broken or outdated blueprints. I would recommend flagging the topic (as “something else”) and providing as many details as possible, so a moderator could take appropriate action.