How to Fix .92 upgrade issues

Getting issues with TTS when trying to upgrade. The docs mention this but don’t say how to fix. Another thread said to change google to google_translate in the tts section.
But if you do that you get this warning: Configuration invalidCHECK CONFIG

Platform not found: tts.google_translate

Is there a fix? I don’t mind disabling this if not.


Remove your tts config, save, restart and try the upgrade chaek again, if it passes go ahead with the upgrade. When done, change your tts config to this and restart:

  - platform: google_translate

removing it did fix that error when checking …thank!

But I got a new one:
General Errors:
- Integration not found: introduction

If this is just the induction card, I don’t need it .

I think I am just do a snapshot and give it a try anyway.

I will post back with the results…thanks.

see the release notes!

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Thanks. I was still getting a config error and wasn’t sure if it would hang up the upgrade, but it appears to have done just fine.

I just now renabled TTS with the new platform and all is well. Thanks for the help!!!