How to fix NTP sync *or* what port does the NTP sync use

So I’m having a lot of issues updating Home Assistant Core, installing ZWave JS, SSH server, … Anything really ; looking at the logs, it’s all variations of ‘Error updating Home Assistant Core ‘HomeAssistantCore.update’ blocked from execution, system is not healthy - setup’ (basically they all say something about ‘system not healthy’). But when I look at the timestamps in the logs, they all say February, so it seems the time is off. From googling I learned that I cannot set the time manually, it’s always done through NTP. OK fine, except that on my machine that apparently fails for some reason, and I can’t SSH in because I can’t install the SSH daemon. So I’m sort of stabbing in the dark here because I can’t find any error messages in the logs saying something about NTP sync failing, and I can’t look directly at the logs other than through the web UI because of the SSH issue described above. So it’s a chicken and egg problem now. My only hunch is that the NTP sync is done over another port than 123, which I have opened on my firewall for NTP queries by other devices on my network.

So, my questions:

  • is there a way to check why my NTP sync fails?
  • what port does the HassOS NTP daemon use?


Update: seems like some good old hard resetting (unplug and replug raspi) and re-trying everything several times did the job. Now I feel a bit queasy suspecting that the same problem will show up in a few weeks/months since I didn’t really fix anything. We’ll see.