How to form different graphs for a Sonoff POW Switch?

So I just installed my first Sonoff POW switch, got the voltage and watts displaying nicely but I was wondering if there was any type of monthly graph I could form in HA to say show the total consumption in a day and then the month.

Look into influxdb and grafana. They are capable of doing exactly what you requested.

That wouldn’t be displayed in HA, or?

I also would like to display custom graph, for temperature or consumption, like weakly, monthly or yearly data, instead of the fixed 24h period.

I think that the possibility to setup the time period displayed in the history of an entity would be nice.

InfluxDB and Grafan are nice, but certainly too much overhead and complexity for non professional.

They’re really not that complex for the things you want to do… ESPECIALLY compared to Home Assistant itself. I mean you configure Grafana through a web interface rather than by editing text files.

You could also set up a Grafana panel so you could look at the graphs directly from within the HA web.

How to configure?

As far as I can tell both are paid for alternative so I’m really not looking for something like that.
It’s funny because the Ewelink software for sonoff had a really nice basic graph setup.

There has to be a way in HA to pull data from History?

If you looked into it you’d see that both are completely free.

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That’s exactly what I did.
I briefly went to both websites and saw “Free Trial” So I didn’t go further, I guess I was in the wrong place.

Yes, the data are kept by HA, unless configured, I don’t think HA ever delete them.

The data model could however be greatly improve and doesnt help for data extraction.

I wanted to achieve the same by extracting the data and using google graph to display them. But the data source was too complex to configure and I just gave up…

The first step I assume would be to configure an external database.

Has anyone managed to do this yet?

Hi, I found this. I will post my progress. Has anyone else found info or configs to do the same?

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