How to fully refresh a dashboard on the official android mobile app

How do you refresh the cache on the official android Home Assistant mobile app? When I modify a dashboard (e.g. change an image, etc) I noticed some of the data is cached and not refreshed. In a browser I can force refresh but I don’t see an option on the android mobile app. I know I’m missing something major and being stupid… pls help! :slight_smile:

Drag down and release refreshes the page, but it is unclear to me if the cache is cleared.

In iOS Companion app there is a dedicated button to reset a Frontend cache in Settings.
Swiping down only refreshing a page w/o resetting a cache.
Also, for yaml-mode dashboards it is needed to select “refresh” button to rebuild a page (like on a desktop browser).

I’m looking for this on the android app but I do not see the setting anywhere.
Does anyone on android know if it exists for that platform?

TBH I cannot even do that. Dragging down doesn’t do anything. On most apps this does refresh things but on the Home Assistant app.

I think you just need to clear the apps cache?

oh i see, damn that’s kind of a nuclear option
so it’ll lose my credentials and will need to relogin i guess?
it’s kind of crazy there isn’t a button to do that though maybe it’s just not possible on android

From memory, I don’t think you need to login again or anything - sensor configuration etc remains. To be clear I am referring to clearing “cache”, not “data”. Clearing data would, I expect, send you back to effectively a fresh install.

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You were right this worked! And didn’t log me out. Thank you!

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