How to fully reset/delete Z-wave JS integration

I was having constant issues with my z-wave network. I decided to upgrade from a 500 to a 700 series z-stick. I excluded/removed all my devices from the old z-stick and removed it from the USB port. I removed the Z-Wave JS integration and rebooted. I then installed the new 700 z-stick and rebooted again. I then went to add the Z-Wave JS integration again and it is not setting the USB port or allowing me to select it. The old Z-Wave JS setup was a migration from the old Z-Wave. I am running HomeAssistant OS

How can I fully reset or remove this integration to remove any leftover settings? See attached photos for errors. I cleared out the Keys, but when the dialog box pops up all the keys are populated already.

Doesn’t sound like you ever uninstalled the add-on?

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I definitely did “Delete” the integration. Are you referring to the Supervisor Add-On? I don’t see anywhere where I can uninstall that.

I did find some files in the .storage folder that were related to the migration to zwave js and removed those. Now the key fields are not populated when I try to install it, but the USB Device Path issue still exists

For some reason, the Add-on wasn’t showing up on my list. I searched the Add-on store for it and clicked on it, then I was able to uninstall that. I rebooted and the issue has stayed the same.

Ok, so I figured out my issue. I have my HA hosted on ESXi. Its bee running without me physically touching it for years and I completely forget that if I change a device I need to configure that device to the VM. Once I did that, everything worked as it should.