How to generate organization/bucket/token for influxdb add-on?

Hi. First time poster, home I’m doing this right.

How to I generate organization/bucket/token for an influxdb database through the influxdb add-on so that I can send data to it from the outside?

What I want to do: send some temperature data from another computer, preferably using python, to the influxdb database that runs on my home assistant.

I have installed the influxdb add-on on hassos (home assistant running on an SD-card on a RPi4). Home assistant successfullly writes state changes to the influxdb database and I have added it as a data source to the grafana add-on so that I can plot some of that data.

However, it seems that organization, bucket and token is needed to write to influxdb from the outside. Nowhere in the add-on GUI can I find anything about how to setup this up. When testing a cloud instance of influxdb the GUI is similar to the add-on, but the options for token etc. are clearly visible. They seem completely absent from the add-on.

Is there another GUI I can access somehow, or am I blind to the obvious option that I can’t find?

Thanks in advance.

Did you ever figure out a way to do this? My Googles have not helped. :smiley:


If I recall correctly tokens & organization are only necessary for influxdb version 2. I switched to v1 instead (can be done in HA configuration) and could do regular user/pass auth instead. Given the small scale of my operation that felt reasonably safe.

    api_version: 1 # add-on runs v1