How to get 1-wire in my dashboard


I followed the documentation for the 1-wire configuration in the bootfile of my Raspberry pi 4.
I connected the 1-wire DS18B20 devices to the GPIO pin 4. This config with pullup resistor is working on my Domoticz platform.
I find the sensors in /sys/bus/w1/devices with their respective identifiers

I expected to find these sensors in my dashboard in the Sensor section, but nothing is appearing.
what do I miss?

Maybe stupid question, but as you don’t mention it:

Did you add/configure 1-wire in HA?

there is no such thing as a stupid question. I misinterpreted the documentation and thought that the 1-wire integration was dedicated to remote systems.
So now I added the 1-wire integration and used SYSBUS as config item and voila I have all my tempsensors available.

I guide to HOW to Install OWServer would be better
Instead of a link that just goes to github

1-Wire can not be installed without the OWServer running
for a key component no idea why no install option in the store

I’ve the same question. Ist there a possibility to Install owserver over hassio?

I want to use the DS18B20 sensor with gpio Support.

please, explain this step by step