How to get 2 sensors state and put in one sensor using lambda

I have difficult to combine 2 sensors in 1 sensor, on internet i do not find a solution, i was able but is not correct
this is my config:

  • platform: template

    name: IP/MAC

    internal: False

    lambda: |-

    return id(ip).state + id(mac).state;

i receive this :

but is confusing also when i see on HA, i would like this format / 2C:F4:32:C2:56:0E

i tried many ways but no solution

so you just want a lamda that adds a “/” between the two sensors that get returned?

yes i need the format to be " / " “space/space”. i tried many ways and if i close it gives error compiling, i tried to use lambdas already correctly, but this type of lambda is something that is geting me stuck

How about
return id(ip).state + " / " + id(mac).state;

I tried already, but like this is always creating an operation sensor + sensor i think, but however this is working, too, i now i am using on IP, filter: - append: " / "