How to get a clean new installation of the Companion App on my ios iphone

Hi there, I’m lost here, when I had installed the companion app a few month ago I denied the location or motion permission. But now I would like to have it but how. By reading all the tips on this website, I learned that I need to do a fresh installation of the companion app. So I followed the advice from this site Beta testing: cleaning between builds and basically I removed my iphone from the Integrations Mobile App, deleted the file mobile_app file from the .storage folder. I also deleted the icloud integrations just to be sure. Restarted HA, rebooted even my VM machine. Deleted the HA or companion app on my iphone, restarted my iphone and reinstalled HA, no success.
During the installation the HA app doesn’t ask me again if I want to enable the location tracking. When I check the setting of the HA app on my iphone the “Motion Permission” is still on Denied. Also my HA server showed straight up, no need to enter my credentials again. Very strange.
Can someone tell me how I can get a new and fresh HA installation on my iphone ?

One thing to add, on the link above they say “Open the known_devices.yaml and delete the (probably last) entry consisting of a 32-character unique ID, representing the device_tracker of your device. This step may not be necessary as the entity may already be removed after step 3.”
But I can’t file this file known_devices yaml.

What happens when you change the permission for these in the Settings app? There’s no need to delete nor reset anything here.

thanks zacwest, I had checked this as well but forgot one thing, my ‘motion & fitness’ setting was disabled for all apps, I enabled it and now all works as desired