How to get a nexa wall outlet and a wall switch to work with HA with a tellstick

Hi i have a NEXA wall switch type LWST-615 and a nexa wall outlet type: NEYCR-1500
I am running home assistant on a rasp pi model 3 and a tellstick duo connected to it.
I can see that the tellstick is reacting to the button when I click it but it is not doing anything to the wall outlet. I have searched the internet on how to set it up but there’s barely any info on this. I am a newbie to this so this is my first project. I want my button to control the wall outlet of course, and my question is how do I fix this.

fixed the problem by finding out my house and unit numbers for button and outlet, and
doing a service call with hassio.addon_stdin with


one by one while the outlet is in learning mode