How to get a panel with wider colums in lovelace

I have to charts I need to show and one of these should be wider than the other for example one should be twice as wide as usual.
So far I have been able to use 3 as the usual horizontal card offers or only 1 panel card.
I was only able to show the first column of entities wider than the other but only inside 1 column shown in the 2nd column with the sun element.

But regarding the 2 charts following I would like to see that twice as wide than the last one in the 4th column.
My first 2 columns are there to show the history what I have tried and did not work out the way I had wanted it, but the goal is to show 2 of the apex charts and the first one far wider than the 2nd.

Any ideas where to start or look ?
So far I have not found the right solution with my searches.

Set the view to “Sidebar” mode. You get a layout like the energy dashboard. One wide and one narrow column.

You can use horizontal stacks in the wide column for different widths (2nd row is 3x horizontal stack):

When editing the dashboard click the pencil icon next to the view title/icon, then:

In edit mode each card will have an arrow at the bottom to shift columns.

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Thanks a lot, looks beautifull.
Will check it later, cause now I am in a hurry. Sorrry

I have tried it but without luck of getting 2 colums, a wider and a smaller one.

What i got this way are full width cards below each other.


Sidebar DOES NOT WORK by simply changing from what to SIDEBAR.

You need to create a new panel and chose sidebar from the beginning.

I have now made a new panel as sidebar and then added a horizontal stack with 2 elements, which had worked, but how do I get an entity or anything in the 3rd column.

My first try with the horizontal stack looks like this

Something is missing i guess.

thanks a lot


ah, the arrows are doing the job of sorting the cards into the columns.
I had thought I would need additional parameter somewhere else.