How to get a snapshot from Imou/Dahua cam

I like to get a snapshot from my Imou/Dahua IPC-A22E-V2 and send it to my Telegram.
I do have this working for my Foscam camera’s, but I’m not able to get it working with the Dahua.
At my Foscam I do use the GET in http request node using a snapshot url

I try the same for the Dahua, Imou but get it not working.
I used almost all URL’s from this site:

I also tried to use the call service node with domain camera service snapshot
This gives an API error:

EDIT: Is it maybe possible to capture a JPEG out of a RTSP stream in NodeRED?

Any advice will be apriciated

EDIT 2: I did got it working using the camera service snapshot node.
I had to add the entity ID also to the data field in the call service node. It is creating a jpg file which I do send to Telegram

This need to store a jpg file. If somebody knows how to send the snapshot straight without storage would be nice

I had a lot of problems with a Dahua IMOU camera in the past, because it needs an initial setup done by their Cloud Service. As far as I remember you could use a snapshot, but only unencrypted (http instead of https), which might throw errors in HA.

I did some search in my past configs and I came up with this link to get a snapshot:

Also, I used the Dahua Smart PSS software to manage additional settings.

FYI, in the past I used a curl command in Node-RED to send it to Telegram:

curl --digest --user USER:PASSWORD "http://IP:PORT/cgi-bin/snapshot.cgi"

Thanks for the answer.
For me this url is not working

1 - Just to be sure, you did try http: (port 80)? (instead of https: - Port 443)
2 - What is your browser telling you when using the above URL in your browser’s address-bar?

It is giving 404 error.
I’m not using port 80 I do have port 8081
I did mail the seller, this camera is not having an internal webbrowser
But I do have it running now creating a snapshot using the camer.snapshot service

Yes, you’re right. I did additional config by the Dahua Smart PSS software.

Good to hear! If you need additional info let me know.