How to get a stable zigbee network

So I live in a house with 2 floor on around 10m x 12m per floor. All covers are mixed with zigbee and zwave devices to increase the mesh network. Let’s say the zwave network is perfectly working. No drops, no disconnects, nothing.

The zigbee network is different. Beside the cover relays I also have 4 ikea repeater, 1 aqara repeater and several other routing devices shattered over the house. The coordinator is a sonoff zigbee-e usb stick. The stick is connected via usb extension and hangs around 1m away for my server case. The is in the same rooms as my home assistant server and so are my usb extensions for zwave and zigbee. I tried using a different wifi channel to increase stability but that made problems in my wifi performance for all other devices.

I just saw again that several devices got bad connection or lost connection again. When I pair them they are good for some time. But at one point the get problems.

How I understand the mesh was it should route the mesh so the routers should have a stable connection. And the clients should go to the next router. But I have devices for example on one side of the house that connect to a router on the other side of the house instead of the router in the same room.

When I did setup the devices in the beginning I had just way less routers over the house. Should I had better remove all devices, then add the routers first and then the clients? Any more Tipps how to increase stability to zigbee network? It should be possible to get a stable and solid network or not? I do not want to remove all zigbee devices here.

Any ideas, Tipps or questions about my network? Hope you have something helpful here.

Start by checking your Zigbee and WiFi channels (yours and the neighbours). Stability problems often relate to WiFi interference.

Remember that they’re numbered differently:

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Read and try to follow all the best practice tips from this guide: