How to get alexa to run a script/automation?

i am brand new to home assistant after connecting all my devices and alexas to it and signing up to nabu casa i am wondering how i can make alexa run an automation (or i believe script is a better use here?) i just want it to run like any normal alexa routine by asking alexa a specific phrase and it will to whatever i tell it to do in the script such as turn a light on

i have hardly dipped my toes into much coding wise so am unsure how to do this (I’m sure its very simple) thanks for any help!

That right there is your answer.

you need to expose the script that you want to run to the Alexa Cloud app in HA.

then go to the Alexa Routines section of the Alexa App on your phone and create a routine there that basically says “if I say this phrase then run this HA script”.

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i had a feeling thanks for the help buttt i cant find the script in the alexa app? i know its being exposed and i think it is supposed to show in the scene menu but its not appearing?

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Make sure to run a “device discovery” on Alexa if the script was recently added.

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thanks for all the help it works great!! i am also trying to figure out how to set up a custom alexa tts card if anyone cares to help (from searches i should use mini media player but i believe that has stopped appearing as a card?)