How to get an device update from the Tuya (local) integration?

I have installed the Tuya (local) integration. Everything works, the devices (3) are imported and I get the information. One device is a temperature sensor and the other two are a SOS button and a siren. Now something strange happens. When I start Home Assistant, the correct values appears for the temperature. But after a while it looks like the device is not updated anymore. For example in the Smart Life app from Tuya a temperature of 25.3 C is reported, but the temperature in the HAS Dashboard is 26,8 C. After a reload of the integration (Tuya Local) the correct temperature is showing in the dashboard. I could easily correct this by writing an automation which reloads the integration every x minutes. But I noticed another strange behavior. The SOS button is never updated and stays in a “safe” condition. In the Smart Life app everything shows ok and the automation which sounds the alarm after an SOS works in Smart Life. In the Tuya developer dashboard I checked the API’s and there is a Device Status Notification, Data Dashboard Service, Smart Home Scene Linkage, Auithorization and IoT Core API. The temperature is not an big issue, but I would like that the SOS button shows its actual state in HAS. The logfile does not show any tuya related issues.