How to get and configure effects like color loop to dashboard card? (ZHA with Conbee II at Raspi 3 B)

I’m using HA with ZHA on a Raspi 3 with Conbee II usb stick. I installed the system as described at the “Getting Started” page (Raspberry Pi - Home Assistant). Before that I used an Silvercest (Lidl) gateway in combination with the tuya app. The hardware of the Silvercest gateway is the same as the tuya gateway. I got the gateway cheap in some bundle. But I missed a lot of functions. So I bought the Raspi and the Conbee stick. Pairing worked fine. Regarding automations I have now thousands more options than befor with the tuya app.

BUT when controlling the devices in the “dashboard” of the tuya, there where mutch more options. In case of LED RGB light bulbs (VIYU_A60_806_RGBW_10454471) and LED RGBW stripe (TS0505A) I could set color maps / color loops. There where some presets and I could configure which colors are used, which speed and how smooth the colors change. There was even a option that the color changes in the rhythm of music. In case of HA and ZHA I just can set a color, temperatur of white and brightness. In case of my light bulbs there is one “effect” called colorloop. But how to configure that? How to get and configure the color map for the LED stripe??

I searched in the forum. So I found Custom ZHA Device Handlers (ZHA custom quirks handler implementation). But I think quirks is not the thing I need, or is it? And I had a look at the docs like Scripts - Home Assistant. And the custom cards (Custom cards for Home Assistant · GitHub) look like a bit to mutch for my small task!? Regarding quirks I also found GitHub - zigpy/zha-device-handlers: ZHA device handlers bridge the functionality gap created when manufacturers deviate from the ZCL specification, handling deviations and exceptions by parsing custom messages to and from Zigbee devices.. But also there was no answer to my question. But maybe blueprint like Color Loop effect for any light with color wheel selector is the thing I need!?

I´m just new to HA and a bit confused with all the concepts, options and functions.

How can I add functions like color loops to the dashboard “card” of a device??

Example for one dashboard “card” with one effect: colorloop.

I´m now using Color Loop effect for any light with color wheel selector. I created a automation and placed a button to the footer of the dashboard card of the room, where the lights are:

  type: buttons
    - entity: automation.color_loop_1
      show_icon: true
      show_name: true
      icon: mdi:ceiling-light-multiple-outline
      name: Farbwechsel
        action: toggle
        action: more-info

Using this button works fine, but how to switch of the lights using scenes or other automations?? Just the blueprint every second calls

service: light.turn_on

How it is possible to change the dasboard card of one light as shown above?

I don’t really use the automation anymore as I use the one I recommend bellow, but I dug up a post of mine about the old one, but I’d recommend you switch to the blueprint by mdolnik as it’s generally just better and more+easier customizable.

Thank you for your advice. I wanted to use this color loop already, but didn´t know how to add several lamps to one automation with this blueprint. But few days ago I found out how to summarize devices using helpers. So now I´m using the recommended Color Loop and there are a lot more settings and it is much easier to configure something, if I compare it to the old blueprint…

But is it somehow possible to make changes at the dasboard card of a light?