How to get call service notification to return button press?

I’ve made an alarm that turn on when i leave the fridge open. But i want to be able to turn this off with the help of my boolean kylalarm. But i can’t get it to change state to on?

    name: default
    critical: 1
    volume: 1
  - action: action
    title: Sound Alarm
    entity_id: input_boolean.kylalarm

i tried to change it with a script as well but can’t get it to do anything after i press the notification button

Are you trying to set up an actionable notification for the Home Assistant companion app?

Or is this for a different integration?

Yes im trying to use this. It activates after 2 m and start an alarm beep on my phone every 10s until I close my fridge door. So in case I fall asleep of forget to close it when Im home I get alarms.

This works as it is now. But I want when I press the button on the notification it should change the state of kylalarm to off. So the condition to send out the alarm needs to be door open & kylalarm off.

This is so I am possible to turn off the alarm in case in im not home and can’t close the door.

Post your current automation so we can see what you are doing.

Are you saying you want to press a button on the notification to silence the alarm?

Use an actionable notification, like this:

There’s also this:

Thanks! Worked it out to do exactly what i want with this video :slight_smile:

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Excellent, glad you got it working!

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