How to get device attributes and entities of a ZHA device based on the device_ieee id?

how can I get all attributes, entities etc. of a zha device once I caught a zha_event. I use the following event_trigger in pyscript:

def zigbee_zha_event(**kwargs):
    log.warning(f"Zigbee zha_event: {kwargs}")
    notify.email_me_via_email(title="Zigbee zha_event", message=f"kwargs: {kwargs}")

The kwargs I get back are for example:

kwargs: {'trigger_type': 'event', 'event_type': 'zha_event', 'context': <homeassistant.core.Context object at 0x7f8dc35df0>, 'device_ieee': '00:15:8d:00:09:1b:23:6a', 'unique_id': '00:15:8d:00:09:1b:23:6a:1:0x0006', 'device_id': '9823539c2d722f81b022da838f275fa0', 'endpoint_id': 1, 'cluster_id': 6, 'command': 'attribute_updated', 'args': {'attribute_id': 0, 'attribute_name': 'on_off', 'value': <Bool.false: 0>}, 'params': {}}

But I would like to also get e.g. the name of the device that triggered the event, all the attributes, and also the entities of e.g. the sensors that belong to that device.

Any suggestions? Thanks!!