How to get HAOS to see new devices on other subnet


Was wondering what would be the best way to handle 2 subnets (192.168.0.* and 192.168.1.) I have a dedicated separate WIFI network for my smart lights and other wifi devices (mainly tunya). I am now running more and more into the problem that HA does not find devices cause its on the 192.168.0. subnet Adding a 2th nic seems not to be supported.
My infrastructure is: Freenas server with 3 vm’s 1. Pfsense 2. HAOS 3. Centos docker machine. with 2 netgear smart switches with everything untagged except 1 port which is tagged vlan 3 and this is picked up on the router. Also a route is setup between the 2 of them so pinging and contacting visa versa is no issue.

Any tips on how to get HA to see the 2 subnets, Or more precisely to detect new devices on the other subnet. For example following this project: DIY Smart Doorbell for just $2, no soldering required »
I am a bit stuck cause Home assistant does not find the device.

@spacecabbie - I’ve got the same question and am curious if you ever sorted this out or received any guidance?