How to get hassio supervisor back?

Had this running smooth until I installed watchtower to update the docker containers. It automatically updated the hassio supervisor container, threw an error then I tried to update the supervisor from the supervisor tab - long story short my supervisor container has now disappeared :see_no_evil:

I recreated the supervisor container and started it but it doesn’t seem to start, maybe it can’t find the home assistant container or something.

Any way of getting the supervisor back or is it a fresh install?

Home Assistant is still accessable.
Can’t load snapshots because no supervisor.
I have backed up my usr/share/hassio folder just in case.

Ubuntu server 18.4

Thank you for any help :blush:

You do know that supervisor automatically updates and has no need for watchtower?

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The use of watchtower to automatically break installs is one of the reasons the HA devs pulled the Supervised on generic Linux method.

And no, that’s not a typo - using watchtower to auto “upgrade” parts of HA is a sure way to break things.


I cannot say that I have followed every post on the subject, but that is the first time I have seen that particular reason explained. It might be good if that sort of explanation was actually spoken about by devs. There are plenty of people willing to help, but finding what needs to be done is pretty hard. (As I say, it may have been spoken of before. I could well have missed it.)


I can’t recall reading anything like that either. The only thing mentioned was;

The primary reason noted was reducing the workload on Pascal.

Agreed. The more information that is shared, the better educated everyone can be as to why decisions are made, and perhaps, solutions can be offered, or even help given.

yeah maybe part of the workload was created by people doing random things like installing watchtower, so those two explanations aren’t mutually exclusive, but more information could/should have been given. Anyway, let’s not start that thread again!