How to get images to display for the Kodi integration?

This kodi integration seems to be abandoned going by the lack of response on git hub from the dev so i’m turning to this forum to hopefully shed some light on this. I am not able to get images to populate for kodi and it’s driving me nuts. Based on the research i’ve done, it suggests that the web browser is blocking it and it’s as simple as allowing unsecured items through… either i haven’t found the right setting in vivaldi to allow this, or i have and it just simply isn’t working for me. Other fixes suggest creating a cert for …which is a little extreme to get images to load on a local web browser. Does anyone know how the images not loading on the kodi media integration can be fixed? The plex integration works flawlessly.

Same problem. Did you solve it in the end?

Nope, I gave up. The dev went awol so it just is what it is at this point until someone else picks up this work, fwiw I would like to still see this working…