How to get my Samsung TV into HomeKit through HA

I am brand new to HA and all this. :slight_smile:
I am trying to get my Samsung TV (Q60R) into Homekit. I now have the TV as a mediaplayer in HA. I used this ( to get it to work.
Screenshot 2021-03-28 232227 Now I am trying to use this way to get it to show up in HomeKit as well, however it does not show up on my iPhone.

The device class is tv. Another media_player is shown in homekit.

The TV needs to be added to HomeKit through the accessory mode. The instructions are here.


For anyone stumbling upon this thread to connect the Samsung TV to Homekit (thanks! I was going crazy coming from an LG TV), you might also want to check this post for an automation that enables the iOS Remote widget/app to control the TV (arrows, center, info, back,…). Volume works natively for me but it could be added also.

i try to find solution about how to put like LG tv on homeKit but i cant find it i try to use chatGPT he helps but not that i want so i have the samsung tv QE65Q60AAUXXH and i want to add like LG tv on home kit (turn on/off, change channels, volum up/down etc) in one place not diferent buttons can be posible that?