How to get notified when Call Service Node fails with API Error

It doesn’t happen often, but occasionally I miss a change to a service call in HA after an update that breaks the call. I don’t notice it until I see the automation not work or see the node has a failed status. I was wondering if there was someway to get notified when an API Error occurs during a service call so that I can fix it right away.

I looked through the documentation and didn’t see any obvious way to do this. There doesn’t appear to be a log file either and the error doesn’t show up in the HA logs. Any assistance would be appreciated!

I use the catch node, to capture any errors on each flow/page and I pass it through a call service node to notify me in case of issues

Catches all issues in the flow however if the node used to notify me fails aswell then I wouldn’t notice

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Thanks, that’s not a node I’ve read about before. Even if I have to copy / paste the catch + service call nodes for the notification to each tab that wouldn’t be too cumbersome and achieve the goal.